National Passive House Association, Vilnius City Municipality, Ministries of the Environment and Energy are initiating the first project of apartment building renovation into an A+ class in Lithuania. The general sponsor of the project is the facades and warming systems leader "Caparol". This project is prepared according to Germany's Passive House Institute certification requirements )according to the standard of current buildings) certifying it into "EnerPHit Standart". Once the restoration processes finish, the residents will enjoy lower heating expenses, the abundance of fresh air as well as the better living conditions. It is planned, that after the renovation the heating expenses will lover 27 times. 

Even though renovation in Lithuania is definitely nothing new, the bigger majority of residents find it difficult to make the decision to renovate and sadly, when they do accept it, they do not seek maximum. The reason for this - the apartment building residents do not mention or interpret themselves as the Customers, thus to them, the minimal C energy efficiency class, determined by the state, is acceptable. Such projects are beneficial not only to the city of Vilnius but the state as well.